Welcome! I’m Marla.  

HI! And welcome to my wellness tips and tricks hub. This is a website about healing. About what your healing process looks like, feels like, and how to get to what I call your Healing State. It’s about connecting with your true gifts, your true self, your perfect path, and releasing the things that are no longer helping you get there – disease, relationships, memories, mental and emotional patterns.

Here you will find information on my wellness podcast called Your Wellness Journey, yoga, plant-based recipes, meditation, spiritual growth, the eBook I am working on this summer, online healing courses, and the retreats and workshops I get to meet you all at.

We talk about plant-based lifestyles and food here a lot as it is such an important gateway to all aspects of our wellness. I have a background in food science that goes back 25 years now. Over the course of that time, I have studied wellness from pretty much every aspect from Ayurveda to Chinese medicine, from Reiki to Reflexology, from Yoga to Tai Chi, from sound healing to my fun days at Stanford School of Medicine.

I have a mild obsession with your colon and digestive health, so, YEP, we will be talking about poop, bloating, IBS, probiotics, prebiotics (what, there are two of them?!?) all the important stuff.

I look forward to welcoming you to our wellness tribe, learning about you, where you are right now, where you want to be, supporting you, and being your BIGGEST cheerleader right now on your wellness journey!

If you are here, know I am right here with you. You are a gift.