12-Step Summer Wellness Guide


With us now reaching the peak of the summer heat, we have been looking at how we can all get the most out of this season – enjoying fresh fruits & veggies, relaxing in nature – and not letting our wellness slip during this sometimes difficult time of year.

In this week’s free podcast, episode 5 has us looking at our sweat from an entirely new perspective. Together, we dive into what our sweat is telling us, figuring which body type sweats more, and how to understand what is really happening (no surprise: it has to do with detoxing). You can listen in episode 5 here.

Even though most of us thrive in this weather, there is a group that does not tend to shine when the sun is. Nope, not vampires! They are our amazing Pitta body types that I speak about often. Does this sound familiar: someone who is uber determined, goal-oriented, assertive, has big ambitions, but on the flip-side, they can have a bit of a temper at time, be impatient, and have a shorter fuse than most.

These wonderful, amazing people that are capable of SO much when they nurture their strong internal fires can be left feeling like they are putting out a raging forest fire when the summer is at it’s peak (like right now).

In advance of episode 6’s release next week, I am sharing with you all a sneak peak of the FREE 12-Step Summer Wellness Strategy Guide to help you better understand Pittas (if you are one, or if some of those around you are), and how we can all help them get through this difficult time of year.


Wishing you all a wonderful, restorative and calm rest of your summer – Marla

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