December 7-Day Wellness Detox


Are you ready to seriously get your glow on? During our December wellness cleanse, we are tossing out the myth that beauty is only skin deep, as we tackle your outer health – your hair, your skin, your nail, youth teeth, your everything. You will stock your beauty tool belt with all natural self care tips and tricks that the beauty industry doesn’t want you to know about. And, yes, you will be sparkling by the end of our week together.

We will also be going through your specific mind-body type, as believe it or not ,it greatly impacts the unique selfceare routine you need to sparkle every day of the year from the crown of your head to the tip of your toes.

Let’s do this! Your Wellness Glow Guide – Marla

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With the December 7-Day Wellness Detoxes, you receive:

* Your week-long wellness guidebook & tracker

* Your wellness grocery shopping list

* Your recipe guide

* Daily live Q&A sessions during the week

* Your podcast resource library


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December 10-16

Registration Deadline

December 5

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The 7 days of self care


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