February 7-Day Wellness Detox


Let’s talk about your most important relationships. Is it with your partner, your children, your boss, coworker or parents? Your relationships with them play SO much a role in not only your mental wellbeing, but your digestive and physical health as well.

In addition to going through a full digestive cleanse together, during our February 7-Day wellness detox, we will be looking at our closest relationships, and determining how their mind-body types and yours work together (or don’t work together). We will uncover what your true needs are – both mind and body – and how they can be met through your social and work relationships.

We will also look at your perfect match, and what you need to know to nourish the relationships you have – regardless if they are your boss, partner, children or best friend.

Let’s do this. Love and light – Marla

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I can’t wait to let you know what you will get with the AWESOME February 7-Day Wellness Detox . . . .

  • Your  7-day wellness guidebook & tracker
  • Your wellness grocery shopping list
  • Your recipe guide
  • Your daily workbook and journal
  • Daily live Q&A sessions during the week
  • Your podcast resource library

Want to learn more about this unique mind-body detox? I wrote this story to explain EVERYTHING 🙂

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Feb 4-10

Registration Deadline

February 1

Monthly Topic

How your closest relationships impact your health and wellness and how to best grow and nurture them.


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6 thoughts on “February 7-Day Wellness Detox

  1. blissbodywellness says:

    ❤️ Hi Marla, just wanted to give you a huge thank you. I wish I would have taken some “before” photos so I could compare how much my little stubborn love handles have gone away but I (and my fiancé) can see how they definitely have! I dropped 4 pounds, which is a lot on a 127 lb. 5’2” person. My mood and focus and energy and clarity has improved, I feel like I have been in “organization” mode, and just super excited to approach eating and health is this whole new way from here on out. Also, you weren’t kidding about the glow, my skin looks amazing! Thank you so much for teaching all of us how to take better care of ourselves and each other. I’m super pumped to learn more about AYURVEDA as well!
    Health and food is super tricky, thank you for the guidelines and tools that we can use and were able to experience amazing results with first hand.
    I will be seeing you again for my next cleanse! XOXOXO
    Much Love,
    ❤️❤️❤️ – September, October & November Bliss Wellness Detoxer

  2. blissbodywellness says:

    I have never tried anything like this. It was a great experience. It was more of an experiment for me regarding my bloating and the quality of my poop, which improved immensely. My husband thoroughly enjoyed the recipes also. – November Bliss Wellness Detoxer

  3. blissbodywellness says:

    This Detox has really open my eyes about my feeling, emotions, stress that I have being going tru. It has helped me so much. – September, October & November Bliss Wellness Detoxer

  4. blissbodywellness says:

    It was actually a very busy week for me and I found it easier to be on this cleanse because everything was cooked and ready to grab when I wanted it. Lost 10 lbs that definitely surprised me. – September & October Bliss Wellness Detoxer

  5. blissbodywellness says:

    Thank you! This was my first time doing a cleanse ever and I’m so happy it was with you. – September & October Bliss Wellness Detoxer

  6. blissbodywellness says:

    Thank you so much Marla! Everything was done very well. The support was awesome. Thank you. – September Bliss Wellness Detoxer

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