October 7-Day Wellness Cleanse


There are a handful of special times a year, when we are more susceptible to illness – colds, flus, season allergy attacks, headaches and migraines associated to drastically changing weather pressure levels. One of these times is right now, as fall is in the air, and we naturally start to fall prey to the virus’ around us

Join me in this 7-day online wellness course (October 15-21) as we take advantage of this special time. Together we will work on our main issues that are holding our immune system back, which clears our way for feeling your best, healing and allowing your body to adequately receive all that it needs to thrive.

We will be working through how the cold and flu seasonimpacts your mental and physical healing state, and how to understand what you are going through at this time, your ikkness triggers, how to pick up on them and what to do when you do get that dreaded cold or flu..

Our  program starts on Tuesday, October 15th where we will spend our 7 days together doing a deep dive into your wellness..

To love, light and to putting your wellness first – Marla

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So what is included in our October (Immunity – Boosting) Wellness Cleanse program . . . . .

  • Your  7-day wellness guidebook & tracker
  • Your wellness grocery shopping list
  • Your recipe guide
  • Your daily workbook and journal
  • Daily live Q&A sessions during the7 days
  • Live Kitchen Tutorials
  • Your podcast resource library


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June 3-12

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June 3


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