VIP Wellness Membership


$124.00 $97.00 / month

Are you ready for the deluxe VIP wellness program that will help you knock your mental, physical and emotional health goals out of the park? Well, let’s get you signed up then!


Our VIP Monthly Membership gives you monthly access to all of Marla’s courses, cooking classes, yoga, meditations as well as the private VIP Wellness Community on Facebook.

As a HUGE BONUS, if you sign up before December 27nd, you will get access to my most popular online live course of the year: the self care “get your glow on” wellness cleanse (value $148) as well as my January month-long goal getters mastermind course (value $297).

And as a BONUS #2, since this program is brand new and just launching (meaning you are totally are getting in on the goods before everyone else),  you will have full access to our private members-only online VIP Sanctuary, our Meditation Lounge, our VIP Marketplace (where I go throughly must have wellness items and evaluate products on the market to give you my thumbs up or down) starting today well before our class starts in January. You also have access to our FULL online course classroom and all the interactive workshops as well as (probably my favourite), our VIP Pantry where all my cooking shows, recipes and grocery shopping hacks reside.

But, wait, there is one last bonus: If you register before December 27th, you will also receive the monthly membership my best price of $97 Canadian (or about $72 US) a month, a deal can’t be missed.

There is no sign up fee, so let’s get you glowing. Let’s get that wonderful belly of yours happily digesting and let’s get that mind of your in a totally Zen state. Your VIP Wellness experience is just a few clicks away.

Let’s save your spot. – Marla