Episode 38: Gluten & Your Grain Guide

Ever wonder why so many people are opting for gluten-free these days, or are you one of the growing number of people that have realized that gluten and you do now agree? In this episode I break down what is really going on in that belly of yours, you and I take a imaginary trip to my favorite bakery in Paris, then we go through my snappy good-grain acronym to help you remember which grains won’t cause you belly to bloat, feel uncomfortable or have you running to the bathroom afterward.

Let’s listen in . . . . . 

Over a third of the people walking into your grocery store today are looking for gluten-free options, and that number is only growing, and there are two alarming reasons why . . . 

Marla barr

Your Wellness Journey

So let’s get to the good grains, those that won’t keep you up at night and have you reaching to unbutton your jeans because you swear your pants must have just shrunk while you were eating this pizza, right?!? I’ve been there. That’s why I wear yoga pants.

The snazzy acronym I came up with to help you remember the good grain is:


So I like to think of it as more really cute (QTT) little cabs flying all over the streets of NYC. At least that is my visual. So, what does it mean?

M – Millet

O – Oats

R – Rice

Q – Quinoa

T – Tapioca

T – Teff

C – Corn

A – Amaranth

B – Buckwheat

S – Sorghum


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