Episode 41: Dealing with Death

Grief and loss impact us all, whether we have lost a close family member, friend, colleague or dearly loved pet. Our journeys through life criss-cross death so many times, that it can become difficult to determine who we are grieving for, what loss we are trying to come to terms with at any given moment.

In this episode, former attorney, Kundalini yoga teacher and transformational life coach Kenlyn Kolleen and I discuss how we deal with death, dying and how grief for the three types of death (prolonged death, sudden death and suicide) differ in their healing needs.

Let’s listen in . . . . . 

Ep 41 Kenlyn Cover

There is a void that follows death – the passing of a loved one – that can hold so much healing, so many life lessons if we let it. . . 

kenlyn Kolleen

Author, Empowerment coach, yogi

To learn more about Kenlyn, visit her site, check out her book The Art of Turning 50, or check out here video below.

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